Being involved in a lawsuit means you have to learn as much as much as you can about the process of litigation. Below are some common terms you can refer to as a guide to help you be prepared for your lawsuit.


This is a legal document which demands the submission of detailed documents or requests an individual to appear during a court hearing. It is critical to follow the demands of the subpoena as failure to comply can lead to criminal penalties. The most common cases where a subpoena can be used are child custody, divorce and personal injury cases but subpoenas can also be used in any kind of case. Subpoenas can be used to get private information such as employee records, tax returns, files from a computer and even DNA samples.


This is an important tool used in the litigation process. Deposition is the time before a trial in which those involved take oath then provide oral testimonies that would be later used in court. These sworn statements will be asked by an attorney and will be recorded by a court reporter. Some depositions vary in length – some may only be for a few minutes, others could take a week or more. If you are involved in a lawsuit and you are asked to be deposed, always never lie and never guess. Don’t worry as your lawyer will help you prepare your deposition experience.