5 Things you must know about Real Estate Litigation in California

Just like many other industries, the real estate sector also encounters a lot of disputes. California is one of the states in the entire United States that has the toughest litigation challenges.

Litigations can involve various parties such as the tenants, property managers, and owners, developers, government contractors, brokers among other parties.

The lawsuits in California mostly involve income-producing projects and properties.

It’s critical to note conflicts do arise from any sector of the real estate industry. It could be the development, contracting, management, or leasing projects and properties.

1) Finding The Best Litigators Is Hard

When facing legal issues in the real estate sector in California, you need a litigator to protect your rights. In California, finding a reputable and experienced litigating firm can prove hard.

There is a high influx of many litigating firms in California. The situation makes it hard to determine the best firm to represent your interests.

When looking for a litigator, it’s important to look at the history and current performance of the firm. The information will help you make an informed choice.

2) California Has The Toughest Litigation Challenges

When you compare litigation cases in California and other states, California has the most challenges.

You, therefore, need someone who can navigate through the system to get you the best representation. Most of the new and upcoming law forms may not have the know-how of how to go about your case.

Moreover, finding a reputable litigating firm that operates and deals with real estate cases is beneficial. The firm will be in a position to get you the best services.

3) Stick To Who You Work With

Since the Californian litigations have the most challenges, finding someone you can trust is hard.

Unless you have valid reasons for firing your current litigator, it is better that you keep him or her.

Getting a new litigator in a city with thousands of litigators is hard. Your new litigator will need to do a lot of catching up on your previous cases and company history.

4) There Are All Sorts Of Litigating Companies

In a big state like California, you will get all sorts of law firms. Each firm offers you a range of services that you want.

It is, however, essential to find out the scope a firm covers. The information will assist you in planning on whether you may need a different litigator for other cases.

In case you need a form that specializes in your area of interest, find the one that deals explicitly with your scope.

5) There Are Strict Lawsuit Deadlines

California law courts are keen on keeping deadlines. If you are, the one issuing, or you are being sued make sure you save time.

The law places heavy penalties on the individuals who fail to save time. Make sure you schedule your calendar well during times of hearing.

Top 5 Tips For Your First Trial

If you are a new lawyer you will surely need advice to build your reputation as one of the best lawyers in town. There are still a lot of things you have to learn after finishing law school. I know you already know that being a lawyer is one of the most difficult jobs that exist in our world. So, remember these tips to help you get through your first trial days as a young lawyer.

Read All Necessary Documents

Read and review all important documents that you will use during the trial. Always remember that you need to know everything about the allegations, the evidences and the laws governing the case.

Inspect The Courtroom

Give yourself a few minutes to visit the courtroom. Look for possible technical issues.  Some courtrooms have now installed modern technologies so be sure that you know how to use these technologies and report any issues.

Seek Advice From An Expert

If you are a new hire in a law firm, take advantage of the experts around you. Seek their professional advice as frequent as you can. Take in all the little gems of knowledge they give to help you become a better lawyer. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Asking fellow lawyers for advice will make them happy and make them feel appreciated.

Ask For Feedback

If you have just finished a case, ask a fellow lawyer who is familiar with your case and seek for feedback. Feedback is an important factor to help you grow as a young lawyer. Do not be afraid to ask others on what are their thoughts on how you handled your recent case. Good or bad feedback, it will help you get better case after case.

Focus On Every Detail

You must pay attention to every detail regarding your case to avoid missing something. Missing just a little fact can significantly ruin your case and worse, ruin someone’s life. Make sure to spend a few extra hours to look at every detail, no matter how small it is. Being a new lawyer can be a very exciting and stressful experience. Be sure to follow all these tips to make yourself prepared for your first trial. Remember that there is no better substitute for experience.

How To Pass The Bar Examinations On Your First Take

Are you feeling awesome that you just successfully made it through law school? Then carry that momentum and start studying for that dreaded two-day test, the bar exams. Celebrate your graduation hastily and prepare for the exam immediately.

Here are some ways to help you pass your bar examinations, hopefully, on the first take:

Enroll For A Bar Exam Review Course

You may be pissed by the fact that you are again paying money for more lessons you thought was already taught during your time at law school. But worry about the cost of bar exam review courses later. Why do you need to enroll for this? Schools providing these courses study and analyze bar exams so they know what particular topics will likely be on the next bar examinations. They could help you choose the right answers which are the most critical part of the test.

Face The Challenges

Fully commit to reviewing and attending bar exam review courses for a while. This might mean you will need to say goodbye to those night-outs, family events and party with friends. Sacrifice those two months to prepare yourself for the coming tests. Stay away from temptations and enjoy the promotion when you read the papers that you have passed your exams.

Take Sample Bar Exams

A huge part in the preparation for the bar should be invested in taking sample bar exams. These are usually given by the school you enrolled at for a bar review course. But don’t just rely on a few sample exams. Search the internet for more. These will exercise your brain and give you a feel of the exam structure. If you are lucky, a few questions you encounter in the sample exams just might be similar to those that appear at the actual exam.

Follow these advices and with the right preparation you will never go through it again.

Must-Read Books For Lawyers

We have gathered a list of the top most interesting and best-selling books that would trigger the lawyer in you. Read on our list of suggested books for lawyers:

Eve Was Framed

This book was written by Baroness Helena Kennedy who was a known critic if the British law system. The book focuses on how the British court treats women from the influence of the media to judges being prejudiced. The book is dedicated to open the eyes of lawyers, victims and defendants about the ability of women to rise on top of the British legal system.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

This classic book by Dale Carnegie is still helpful for lawyers of the modern world. The book teaches the author’s beliefs to the reader in an informative way by stimulating their minds with every word. The book particularly targets lawyers’ skill to understand people and inspire them inside and outside the court.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Authored by Harper Lee, the book won a Pulitzer Prize not long before it was published. Now, it has become one of the best books of classic modern American literature. The author got her inspiration from his childhood memories of her community and family when they were still living in Alabama. The book talks about poverty and how people display racism because of ignorance. The mockingbird in the story is used to symbolize innocence such as the instance that a boy was tried and convicted of rape despite their innocence.

Thrive: A New Lawyer’s Guide To Law Firm Practice

This book is a must have for new lawyers. The book talks about the work experience in a law firm and how frustrating it is. The book is the solution to the gap from starting law school to the actual practice of law. The book is committed to help new lawyers avoid stress and downfalls that are usually encountered with starting a career inside a law firm.

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