Must-Read Books For Lawyers

We have gathered a list of the top most interesting and best-selling books that would trigger the lawyer in you. Read on our list of suggested books for lawyers:

Eve Was Framed

This book was written by Baroness Helena Kennedy who was a known critic if the British law system. The book focuses on how the British court treats women from the influence of the media to judges being prejudiced. The book is dedicated to open the eyes of lawyers, victims and defendants about the ability of women to rise on top of the British legal system.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

This classic book by Dale Carnegie is still helpful for lawyers of the modern world. The book teaches the author’s beliefs to the reader in an informative way by stimulating their minds with every word. The book particularly targets lawyers’ skill to understand people and inspire them inside and outside the court.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Authored by Harper Lee, the book won a Pulitzer Prize not long before it was published. Now, it has become one of the best books of classic modern American literature. The author got her inspiration from his childhood memories of her community and family when they were still living in Alabama. The book talks about poverty and how people display racism because of ignorance. The mockingbird in the story is used to symbolize innocence such as the instance that a boy was tried and convicted of rape despite their innocence.

Thrive: A New Lawyer’s Guide To Law Firm Practice

This book is a must have for new lawyers. The book talks about the work experience in a law firm and how frustrating it is. The book is the solution to the gap from starting law school to the actual practice of law. The book is committed to help new lawyers avoid stress and downfalls that are usually encountered with starting a career inside a law firm.


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