Are you feeling awesome that you just successfully made it through law school? Then carry that momentum and start studying for that dreaded two-day test, the bar exams. Celebrate your graduation hastily and prepare for the exam immediately.

Here are some ways to help you pass your bar examinations, hopefully, on the first take:

Enroll For A Bar Exam Review Course

You may be pissed by the fact that you are again paying money for more lessons you thought was already taught during your time at law school. But worry about the cost of bar exam review courses later. Why do you need to enroll for this? Schools providing these courses study and analyze bar exams so they know what particular topics will likely be on the next bar examinations. They could help you choose the right answers which are the most critical part of the test.

Face The Challenges

Fully commit to reviewing and attending bar exam review courses for a while. This might mean you will need to say goodbye to those night-outs, family events and party with friends. Sacrifice those two months to prepare yourself for the coming tests. Stay away from temptations and enjoy the promotion when you read the papers that you have passed your exams.

Take Sample Bar Exams

A huge part in the preparation for the bar should be invested in taking sample bar exams. These are usually given by the school you enrolled at for a bar review course. But don’t just rely on a few sample exams. Search the internet for more. These will exercise your brain and give you a feel of the exam structure. If you are lucky, a few questions you encounter in the sample exams just might be similar to those that appear at the actual exam.

Follow these advices and with the right preparation you will never go through it again.