Major Cancer Organizations Advise Consumers to Avoid Using Talcum Powder for Feminine Hygiene Purposes

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The link between ovarian cancer and regular use of talcum powder on the genital area has been well documented by the medical and scientific community for decades. Talc particles were observed on cancerous ovarian tissue in 1971, and approximately 20 studies linking talcum powder to an increased risk of ovarian cancer have been published since 1982.

All of this mounting evidence has prompted major cancer organizations to issue strong warnings to consumers about the dangers of using talcum powder products for feminine hygiene purposes.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has recommended that women avoid using talc-based baby powder products since 1999. The ACS suggests that women using baby powder for feminine hygiene purposes should switch to a product that is made using cornstarch, and not talcum powder. According to the ACS, cornstarch-based baby powder provides the same hygienic benefits with none of the potential health risks.

Another organization that has warned consumers about regular talcum powder use is the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization. In 2006, the IARC published a report that listed regular use of talcum powder on the genital area as a potential risk factor for ovarian cancer.

Major cancer organizations such as the American Cancer Society and IARC feel that consumers deserve to know about the potential health risks of long-term talcum powder use.

Unfortunately, Johnson & Johnson chose to disregard the scientific evidence about the dangers of talcum powder and continued selling their Johnson’s Baby Powder® and Shower to Shower® products without warning labels for years.

Thousands of lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson are now pending.

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