Lack of FDA Regulations Allow Johnson & Johnson to Continue Marketing Talcum Powder Without Warning Labels

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Johnson & Johnson has marketed talcum powder as a safe and effective feminine hygiene product since the early 1900s. Even though, for the past 35 years, medical professionals in the scientific community have shown a link between regular talc use and ovarian cancer, the FDA requires no warning labels.

Many women are wondering how was Johnson & Johnson allowed to sell talcum powder products without warning labels for decades despite the known link to ovarian cancer?

The answer to this question is related to how talc is classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Talc is classified as a “cosmetic” product by the FDA. Because it is not classified as a medication or medical device, it is not subjected to the same rigorous government regulations as these other products.

When drugs or medical devices are linked to serious health risks, the FDA could issue Safety Warnings to doctors, manufacturers and consumers. The FDA can also impose mandatory safety warnings and labels, or even recall a product from the market.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with cosmetic products. And this is why Johnson & Johnson continued to market Johnsons Baby Powder and Shower to Shower without warning labels for years, despite the fact that they were aware of the potential link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

J&J did not want to tarnish the image of one of their flagship products, and by doing so, put the health and safety of thousands of women at risk.

Now, several recent court cases have found that J&J was negligent by failing to warn women about the potential safety risks of long-term talcum powder use:

If you or a loved one were a regular user of Johnson & Johnson talcum powder for feminine hygiene purposes and were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you may be entitled to file a claim against J&J. The caring attorneys at Morelli Law Firm are helping women across the country who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer due to regular talc use.

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